Is there a democratic deficit in US and UK journalism – Robert Hackett

Eleanor Cuthbert-Edkins

Hackett, Robert (2005) ‘Is there a democratic deficit in US and UK journalism’ in ‘Journalism: Critical Issues’ ed. Stuart Allan. Maidenhead: Open University Press

Whether journalism, in the UK especially, adequately serves the needs of a democratic political system is something which has been contested in recent years by many media scholars and commentators, and is an argument which lies at the heart of Hackett’s article.

Many suggest that journalism today focuses on sensational stories and ‘non-serious news’, instead of distributing information which informs publics of important government disputes and policies. Scholars, including Broersma and Peters (2012), have indicated that the traditional journalism model is becoming redundant and is struggling to stand up against hyper local and online news media outlets. Hackett’s main exploration is built around whether journalism in the US and UK is successful in creating informed citizens, an idea introduced by Jürgen Habermas in 1962, in his paper…

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